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The WCRAS Fur Ball

The Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter annual Fur Ball is a fun-filled gala that focuses on

raising funds for a specific shelter need each year! This year, the focus was put on raising funds for the new shelter facility, in particular a new training facility to allow dogs with behavioral issues a better chance to find the perfect forever family! WCRAS is an open admission, no kill shelter. What does that mean? It means that this shelter takes in any animal in their jurisdiction without question and it saves over 90% of the animals that enter the shelter. This takes into account animals that cannot be saved due to illness or severe behavior problems. The shelter hosts amazing programs such as the seniors for seniors program, where senior animals can be adopted into senior citizen homes for a waived adoption fee or their barn cat program, where feral cats can be adopted out to farms or as working cats (for example, to breweries) that need eco-friendly mouse/rodent control. With stories about dogs like Paula, who was in the shelter system (this includes a variety of foster homes) for over 1600 days (yes, you read that right!), the videos that were shown on the big screen showcased exactly why no kill is so important. With the dedication to saving lives and offering the best care and quality of life while they are with us, dogs like Paula can find their happily ever after. As always, one sweet pup was chosen to be the ambassadog for the shelter. The little brown pooch you see here is Rodger, one of the Longtime Loveables (a shelter dog that has been with us for over 90 days). Rodger was a ham and absolutely loved the attention he received from the Fur Ball guests! To learn more about adopting Rodger, visit The Fur Ball raised nearly $30,000 this year, exceeding their goal of $10,000 by 3x! Seeing this lovely group of supporters and volunteers work so hard to ensure that this shelter continues it's lifesaving work was beyond inspiring! Keep up the amazing work, WCRAS and thank you for letting Dogs of ATX be a small part of this lovely event! Here are the photos from the Dogs of ATX Photo Booth! Enjoy & be sure to like us on Facebook & Instagram!

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