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Off Leash Parks in Austin!

Austin is a doggy haven, a meca of mutts, a daily fix of doggies... you get the idea! Everywhere you go in our sweet city, you are almost guaranteed to encounter a pup having a grand time out with their person! Being a dog friendly city does come with having responsible dog owners around town. Off leash areas in Austin were designed for the pups that can safely interact with other pooches and being a responsible pet parent means keeping off-leash play to these areas that are designated for that purpose. Here are a few of our favorite off leash parks around town: Downtown - Auditorium Shores Dog Park (not fenced)

North Austin - Yard Bar (fenced with staff to help keep your pups safe)

South Austin - Woof & Work (indoor / outdoor options with staff to help keep your pup safe)

West Austin - Red Bud Isle (not fenced)

Cedar Park - Doghouse Drinkery and Dog Park (fenced with staff)

Round Rock - Dog Depot (fenced)

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