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Cats of ATX (Well, Wilco)

The Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter holds a very special place in my heart. I have been volunteering with this amazing organization since 2011. Over the years, I have volunteered with both the dogs and cats of the shelter, but my main focus now is working with cats and grabbing fabulous shots (like this one of Angela the kitten) to help showcase their best featured for potential adopters! Photos make such a huge impact on the way that adopters view the shelter. With so much emphasis on social media and online shopping, adopters often start their search for the perfect companion online. Great photos make a world of difference in the perception of the shelter as well as the animals themselves! Clean, clear, fun photos show how wonderful shelters can be and the Wilco shelter is the absolute best! Here are a few of the fuzzy felines that I met this week:

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