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Ending Puppy Mills with a festival of Dogs!

Each year, Puppy Mill Awareness Day Austin puts on an amazing festival to educate and bring the community together to raise awareness about the horrors of Puppy Mills. A Puppy Mill is a commercial breeding operation wherein dogs and puppies are seen as profit & inventory as opposed to living, breathing beings. They're thrown into kennels given little to no medical care, attention or concern. Puppy Mill operators focus on the output (money). Profit is given priority over the physical & mental well-being of the dogs in their "care". Puppy Mills typically profit from online sales and large quantity sales to pet shops, often falsifying records & lying about the true lineage of the puppies to produce a higher market value. How does a festival stop puppy mills? Well, the puppy-party doesn't (that's just for fun and to bring pet lovers together), but the awareness that this fun-filled day brings does. PMAD TX focuses on education and also raises funds to help dogs that are saved from the puppy mill industry. To learn more about PMAD, visit their website here:

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