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Puppies in PJs

Puppies in Pajamaes! Is there anything cuter? I can't even handle it! Our sweet little foster babes, Gypsy and Rain are looking so much better! They have started to grow fur, with only a few bald spots left!

Each pup is really starting to show their personalities. Gypsy, the white with a black patch over her eye is a little firecracker. She loves to run, run, run in the yard and has a blast chasing her sister. She is fairly confident and is working hard on calming down for a treat or to work on some basic training.

Rain, the little black pup is such a mischievous girl! Her favorite game includes stealing socks and running around the house, ensuring that you chase her to get them back. As soon as you look away, she has another sock (I don't even know where she finds them!) and the game starts over again. Both pups are amazing, sweet, kid friendly, dog friendly, potty trained and working hard on their crate training! We are taking pre-adoption applications on them through Wags Hope and Healing Rescue. Apply here: Rain and Gypsy

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