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13 Reasons Why Deaf Dogs are the Best!

1. They listen with their hearts!

Deaf dogs may not be able to hear with their ears, but every deaf dog we have met hears in their own way. The love of a special needs dog is something incredible! 2. They aren't afraid of loud noises!

Get those home renovations and big projects finished without scaring your dog with a nail gun or the noise from your power saw. They can't hear, so they don't care!

3. They make excellent therapy dogs!

Dogs like Astro and Izzy are perfect examples of deaf dogs that can make a difference in the

world! These two gorgeous Dalmatians are both deaf and work at the Memphis Fire Museum teaching children about fire safety!

4. They don't judge you for singing badly. Belt out those Hamilton lyrics without judgement from your pooch. Singing off-key is just one of the many things your deaf dog won't judge you for.

5. They won't catch you sneaking a late night snack. They can't hear the fridge of the sound of a wrapper opening, so you get to enjoy your late night snacks guilt free! Granted, you may get a look of betrayal if the smell of your tasty snack wakes them.

6. They teach you to train outside of the box. Training a deaf dog isn't hard, but it does take a different approach than training a hearing dog. Sign language, hand signals and eye contact are key to training your deaf dog. There are plenty of resources available and many trainers are now adding programs to focus on special needs dogs!

7. Their loyalty is unmatched. Deaf dogs connect quickly to their people and rely on them to be their protectors. Just as any dog, with positive training and strong leadership, your deaf dog is sure to be a loyal companion!

8. No more squeaky toys! Hate the sound of squeaky toys? No problem! Your deaf dog doesn't need or care about the


9. They nap hard! You don't know deep sleep until you witness the naps of a deaf dog! They play hard and sleep harder!

10. You will never be alone again! Deaf dogs are often referred to as 'velcro dogs' because they latch on to their favorite people so hard. The deaf dogs we have met all love to be as close to their people as possible!

11. Snuggle buddy for life!

Love to snuggle? Deaf dogs make excellent snuggle buddies!

12. You can be a voice for special needs dogs! Your friends and family will be inspired by your dog and how amazing they are. You can be a voice for your deaf dog and help create a world that deaf dogs are recognized for the amazing beings that they are!

13. You are saving a life!

Deaf dogs are often overlooked in rescues and shelters because the words "special needs' seems scary to some people. Adopting a special needs dog saves a life and opens up the rescue to save another life!

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