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The Foster Goodbye

“I couldn’t foster because it’s too hard and sad to say goodbye.”

It’s the most common response when I introduce our foster pups to someone.

Yes, on Sunday, I sat at Bungalow, a bar on Rainey Street after we said goodbye to our foster puppy with tears falling from my eyes. Her new dad is amazing and I could not be happier for her, but it’s hard to say goodbye. Then, the thought crossed my mind... what if I hadn’t said hello?

Would Violet have been adopted to a family that didn’t give her time to heal mentally after her rough start to life?

Would she have sat in the shelter for months because she was losing hair and the other puppies were prettier?

Would she have died when the shelter ran out of space? She’s a black bully breed dog and that dramatically effects the way potential adopters see her despite her sweet personality.

Would she have continued to loose weight due to some medical issues we addressed early?

We’ve known her for just over a month and she has become part of our family. She knows our daily routine and she loves us just as much as we love her. The goodbye is so hard but we’re looking forward to the next hello. The next pup that needs someone to love her and help her grow so she can find a home of her own.

Goodbye, Violet. I can’t wait to watch you grow with your new family.

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