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Rainey St. + Puppies = A REALLY Great Day!

Rainey Street is a source of fun in Austin all on it's own, but add in the many, many dogs and

you find yourself blissfully buzzed surrounded by dogs at every turn! This weekend, we were thrilled to stop by Bungalow to support our lovely friends at Wags Hope and Healing Rescue as they showcased several adoptable dogs. We spent the day swapping dog stories with the many pup owners that covered the outdoor yard and snapping photos of the sweet pups as they eagerly waited for the treats in our hands! A huge shoutout to Downtown Dogs, Dobel Tequila and Bungalow for hosting this fab event. We saw several pups head off to their forever homes, including our sweet foster puppy, Violet (blog post to follow!) and Dorito, another puppy that will be spending his days frolicking on Willie Nelson's ranch!

Wags Hope and Healing is always welcoming volunteers and donors. Please take a moment to visit their website: Wags Hope and Healing

(click photos to enlarge & view gallery)

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