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10 Before/After Dog Adoption Photos to Fix Your Mid-Week Blues

Dogs are incredible creatures. They bring so much joy and happiness to our lives but sometimes, they need us to offer the same to them! These 10 dogs that were saved from rough lives and given the gift of happiness by their rescuers are sure to cure the mid-week blues! 1. This sweet pup that was abandoned in a park to die. 2 Years later, she is the happiest girl!

2. This little angel that was scared and all alone. Look at that smile!

3 This lovely little pup has a severe eye infection and was left at a shelter all alone. Now, with an adorable permanent wink, he has the biggest smile of all!

4. This super sweet doberman was suffering from a broken heart until he was adopted into a home of his own!

5. Ripley was rescued in Iran and brought to live an amazing life in the United States. From scared and tired puppy to cheerful and spunky in her pool!

6. This sweet pup was so scared in the shelter but look at her now as she enjoys her treat.

7. Nico may be recognized from his sad photo, but he is famous from his success story! This handsome boy may be one of the most spectacular success stories of all!

8. With his ribs showing and being on the schedule to be euthanized at a shelter, this pup was incredibly lucky when a shelter worker decided to take him home and nurse him back to health!

9. These pups were so skinny when they were rescued, but look at what a little TLC can do!

10. Wynter started off his new life as a stray dog that showed upon the right porch! From living on the streets to life as a beloved family member! We saved the best for last with this sweet story!

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