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6 DIY Games to Combat Doggy Boredom

As the sleet is falling in Austin, it seems that the icy roads have put our city at a stand-still. While snow days are fun and a great excuse to veg out on the couch binge-watching Netflix series, our pups may not feel the same. Days like today generally mean limited outside time and missing routine walks. As pet owners, we know how important a daily walk is for combating boredom and keeping our pups calm. Since we aren't heading outside today, we decided to try out some fun and creative indoor games.

1. Turn a cupcake pan into a game at breakfast. Instead of a bowl, use the pan to spread out your

pups meal. This makes them think about their next bite and gets their brain working. For dogs that scarf down their food, this is also a great way to help slow them down, which is good for their digestive tract as well!

2. Spend a little time training. Even if your pet is a rock-star at his/her basic commands, taking a few minutes to work on these basics can help wear out their minds and ease anxiety or boredom. 20 minutes of training seems to be the sweet spot for our crew!

3. Nose-work! Yes, get their noses working. If you have never tried nose-work with your dogs, you are in for a treat. Basically, hide a tasty snack under a box, add a few empty boxes around the room as well and let your pup set out on an adventure to find the treat! More advanced nose-work classes are available around Austin as well if your pup especially enjoys this game.

4. Freeze a treat! Yes, it's cold outside, but a frozen treat inside can give your pup a time-killing treat! We like to fill our kongs with kibble, run a little water through and seal the top with a layer of pet-safe peanut butter (we use freshly ground peanut butter with no added dangerous chemicals).

5. Have a grooming session! A 10 minute grooming session may just be the thing your pup needs to relax! A nice bath (make sure to dry completely so they are not too chilly in this cold weather) with some relaxing scents can help calm your pup.

6. Play hide and seek! A fun game together is a perfect way to spend a day inside! Take advantage of this weather and spend some quality time bonding with your pooch. They will appreciate every second they get to spend with you!

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