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Dog Themed Gifts at the Bazaar

The Blue Genie Art Bazaar that is! We love exploring Austin and one of the greatest things about Austin is the art! From local handmade art to the fancy schmancy galleries, we love it all! This year, the Dogs of ATX founder and artist, Stephanie is featuring her work at the Blue Genie Art Bazaar and we are absolutely thrilled to see so many other artists embracing the fabulous canine culture as well. Check out these top dog-themed gifts at the Blue Genie Art Bazaar and grab a gift for the dog-lover in your life!

1. Pet Studio Art Head out in style with your dog themed tote! These make adorable gifts for any pet lover. Hand printed in Austin, TX & only $15 each

2. Chet Art This dog-themed pack of playing cards is not only clever, but the perfect addition should you ever try to recreate the 'Dogs Playing Poker' painting. $14 per deck.

3. El Bee

These adorable pin cushions are the perfect gift for the seamstress in your life. Don't think we didn't notice the panda bear in the background!

4. Lightcrafters

This pink pawprint nightlight is definitely on our wishlist! It also comes in a variety of colors.

5. Comrade

These adorable dog themed magnets are the perfect stocking stuffers for pet lovers! Only $2 each!

6. Illuminidol

Dog prayer candles make an excellent surprise for the spiritual friends in your life. $15 each or 2/$25

7. Illustrated Ink

Dia De Los Dog. These little prints are absolutely adorable.

8. Gem Junkie

Bring out your inner wolf with these wild dog earrings by Gem Junkie. Even better, they are only $5 per pair!

9. Fabulous Paws

Don't forget a gift for your furry friend. Fabulous Paws has a variety of adorable collars, outfits and bandanas to spruce up your pup's wardrobe this winter.

10. Anne Marie These little mini wallets make the perfect accessory for any pet lover! $14 each or 3/$35

11. The Jungle Hook

How precious are these Dachshund business card holders? The perfect accessory for the pet loving entrepreneur in your life!

12. Liz Stettler Art

These bulldog holiday cards have us swooning!

13. Judy Paul

This may be the most amazing piece of artwork in existence! Dogs and ATX. We love, love, love this piece! Titled Ruff Life.

14. Puzzle Box Austin

We won't lie. At first, we were also puzzled on how this worked. The bone is a magnet that locks your box. Store all your treasures (or dog treats) and simply remove the bone to keep them safe! $29.50

15. John Self

This junkyard bulldog was assembled with a variety of found objects. This artist is the definition of originality! Each item is definitely one of a kind.

The Blue Genie Art Bazaar is open 7 days a week November 24th to December 24th

10am - 10 pm (except Dec 24th, they close at 6pm)

6100 Airport Blvd Austin, TX 78752

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