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I Rescue for the Tail Wags!

I work with a huge variety of rescues. From Farm Sanctuary in New York, who I have designed a

handful of apparel items to the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter, where I volunteer my time regularly to a few groups in different cities that have asked for help in marketing and fundraising. I love to give my time to these charities because every single day, I see people doing good and putting positivity into the world, knowing that the creatures they are helping can never say the words "Thank You". Yet, the tail wags, the kisses and seeing the animals we help move on into their forever homes is something that touches rescuers in a way that is hard to explain to someone that is not part of the rescue world.

Today, I had the pleasure of meeting Wags Hope and Healing Rescue in Bastrop, TX. Not only was I able to do a photo shoot for a variety of their adoptable dogs, but I left the facility with two amazingly beautiful foster puppies (stay tuned for more photos than I am sure you will want to see in the coming weeks). As I was walking around the property admiring the variety of interactive toys, pools and the

beautiful colors that decorate the play yards, I was really struck by how authentic and passionate the property feels. Maybe it's the time of year, I am always a little sensitive around the holidays, but I felt peace at Wags today. The dogs were housed in beautiful indoor/outdoor runs with cozy beds all around, treats galore and every need they could ever have being met. The entire facility is fenced, allowing room for rescued farm animals, including the most adorable pig I have ever met, a donkey, a goat and a variety of chickens to frolic and root around.

Photographing animals is a hobby, something that has become a passion. The photo session went great, Jenn, the founder of Wags was spectacular in working with me and together, we were able to capture some beautiful shots of the adoptable dogs. As I was editing my photos today at home, I just couldn't help but think, "This is what rescue is all about." A true passion for saving lives. Wags is that, it is passion, commitment and most of all love. Please take a moment to see the beautiful dogs available for adoption through Wags and if you have a few dollars to spare, donations are always welcome at Wags Hope and Healing's website!

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