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Panda's Doggy Hot Spots

Austin doggy hot spots (also known to dogs as 'places I could pee') can be found all

around Austin. In fact, I was walking through the Domain a few days ago, when I discovered a small, adorable dog park for residents of the swanky domain apartments to enjoy. My sweet Panda loves nothing more than taking a long walk around the Hike and Bike Trail until we end up at the Barton Greenbelt, where she and her dozen new puppy friends can spend the next hour or so frolicking in the shallow water of Barton Springs. I know Barton Springs ranks high on her list, which in turn made me wonder what she would choose as the top Dog Hot Spots in Austin.

1. Yard Bar

Panda can spend hours here chasing other dogs and overall acting like the silly, energetic puppy that she is. Every visit to Yard Bar is different, but they all result in a happy, exhausted Panda Bear. A tired pup is a happy pup! We have met countless other amazing dogs and even joined in on the Halloween festivities a couple of weeks ago.

2. Barton Greenbelt

Complete with a lovely waterfall from the Barton Pool, this is always a fun spot to hang out and watch the puppies play. At almost any given time of the day, this easily accessible section of Barton Springs is bustling with dogs of all shapes and sizes dancing around in the shallow water. During the summertime, it gets especially busy.

3. The Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike Trail

Miles and miles of trail (10 miles actually) make the Austin Hike and Bike Trail perfect for an outing with your pooch! From the boardwalk to the Pfluger Bridge to touching Barton Springs, this trail features both nature and city views of Austin. Our personal favorite walk is from the Pfluger Bridge to Mopac and back. Not only will you see a lovely view of the city, but experience watching the kayakers jump onto their boats at Texas Rowing Center.

4. Tomlinson's As soon as we enter our Tomlinson's (Slaughter Lane and Escarpment location), Panda is giddy with excitement, knowing that she is going to get a treat from the fantastic staff! We have been visiting Tomlinson's at least once a week to work on Panda's training since we adopted her in May. Tomlinson's has been a staple in Panda's life, not only for her food and treats but the staff has helped her overcome her fear of strangers and is always excited to greet us and compliment her on her new tricks!

5. Mueller Farmer's Market

At least once a month, we try to visit the Mueller Farmer's Market. Panda loves to explore the various dog food and treat vendors (she knows how to ham it up for extra treats too!) and has even convinced the awesome folks at Johnson's Backyard Garden to toss a carrot her way! We love the atmosphere and the socialization we get out of visiting the market. It does get very busy, so be prepared for crowds.


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