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9 years of loving Pit Bulls!

Wow, we cannot believe that this year marks 9 years for Love-A-Bull. For anyone that does not know this organization, I highly recommend checking them out. Love-A-Bull started as a monthly meetup group by a handful of pit bull parents who simply wanted to get out and enjoy their pups. As this group grew, it became obvious that Austin was home to a larger collection of proud pittie families and that these families wanted their dogs to be treated as any other dog would be. Unfortunately, pit bulls have a stigma attached to them due to some awful people in the world, but the reality is that these dogs are just like any other. They wag, they bark, they play and they love.

As the organization morphed into more than their monthly meetups, Love-A-Bull started to advocate on a political level for pit bull type dogs, giving them a voice and ensuring that our city council does not let fear overtake them as some cities across the country have. Breed Specific Legislation has been a topic of discussion from time to time, but thankfully, with respect and a strong base of pet loving community members, talk is the furthest any laws have ever reached. In addition to advocating for pit bulls to the city council, Love-A-Bull offers low cost spay and neuter as well as help with training for pit bull parents in the Austin area. Of course, the highlight of the year for most supporters is the annual Pit Bull Pride event.

This year, Love-A-Bull decided to spread the joy out over the month. You can see a previous event in an earlier blog posting. Today, the annual celebration was held at The Buzz Mill, one of Austin's favorite pet friendly coffee shops! Love-A-Bull hosted a raffle, handed out treats and had some cute photo props available. The Buzz Mill celebrated with a Pit Bullini drink option where a portion of proceeds were donated to help more pups in need.

We met dogs of all sizes, ages and breeds, of course, the majority were happy, smiling pit bulls!

Enjoy the photos from the day! (click image to enlarge)

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