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Dogs of Chicago

This week, we took a trip to Chicago for a little relaxation and beautiful weather (hello 70

Cloud Gate (aka, The Bean)

degrees!). We spent our days walking through some gorgeous gardens, beautiful parks and along the path that follows the coast of Lake Michigan. We ate some delicious food, enjoyed watching Katharine McPhee blow us away at the PBS Soundstage and laughed for hours at The Second City (unfortunately, no celebrities showed up, but wow! the talent at this comedy club was great). As always, we also met some adorable pups and chatted about the Chicago dog scene with some locals. Among my favorite pup was Ellie, a super shy pit bull mix who I met sitting outside of a coffee show. She had been a previous foster to her family and happily was adopted into what seemed to be a great home. Sadly, they were unable to keep her and she was returned to the rescue. Her foster mom, of course, welcomed her back in and after some time, decided that she was there to stay! Ellie has been with her family for nearly 2 years now and they are so grateful that she came back to them to stay!

We saw dozens of dogs being walked through the parks and while my goal is to pet as many dogs as I can while we are on vacation, I wasn't always able to grab photos. Here are a few of my favorites from the trip!

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